CFun is a brand new social networking platform that combines creativity and blockchain technology and connects creators, fans, and readers from around the world.
Blockchain refers to?
Copyright Protection
When the author uploads the work to the Internet, the block will automatically record the relevant information of the work, “who, when, uploaded what works” and stamps a unique time stamp, because blockchain technology cannot be tampered with. Features that clearly show who the copyright owner is.
Smart contract
Smart contracts refer to automated contracts. According to the procedure, "If you act in accordance with the contract, you can automatically complete the contract and pay remuneration." The smart contract and the blockchain technology with non-deterrable features are combined with each other until the creation is completed, and the author's rights and interests will be smoothly performed in the protected state.
Tokenization of behavioral value
In the CFun platform, every behavior of the user is valuable, and these values ​​will be expressed in the form of Token. Every act of reading, commenting, sharing, etc. will be recorded on the blockchain, and the corresponding reward will be paid automatically. Users can use their rewards to purchase works, customize their own favorite works, etc. CFun will establish an independent economic circle. This economic circle is not managed by a country or a certain company, but it is fully developed by relying on blockchain technology and various user behaviors.
On June 1st, 2018, the CFun product web beta launched.
For CFun platform to develop better, the support of the creators from each of you is our indispensable power.
The first step, Japanese comics to China
Bridging the gap between "Love" and "Favorite", so that comic fans can more easily access more Japanese comics, comic book authors can also get the appropriate rewards. In order to build such a platform, CFun is constantly working hard.
China's "Love"
According to reports, China’s “secondary resident” is as high as 280 million people. Many young people will talk about their favorite Japanese secondary meta works in their daily life, and habitually use some secondary meta-language originating from Japan, such as “Moe”, “Control”, “House” and “Secondary”.
At present, there are not many Japanese companies that import Japanese secondary meta works into China. However, for Japanese individual creators, it is difficult to find a way to step out of the country. At the same time, when a creator publishes a work abroad, he or she often becomes uneasy because of language barriers, copyright disputes, and other issues. Defeating this unease and paving the way for creators to go abroad is one of the important missions of the CFun platform.
Japan's "Love"
Japan’s Nijigen culture is arguably the best in the world. Because of this, the difficulties that arose from the numerous outstanding works and talented writers have soared. But they cannot get the reward and recognition they deserve, even with readers and fans, they have a hard time progressing and achieving more.
It is precisely through this persistent determination and the Japanese's unique sensitivity to the Nijigen culture that Japan's second-generation meta works have long been sought after by fans all over the world.
What you get when you become a creator on CFun
Your work will be translated into Chinese and you will be able to see your work on your mobile phone or computer!
Receive feedback from Chinese fans!
For a paid serial work, you will receive a token for reward based on the proceeds of the work!
The author of the high quality works will sign with CFun and become the signing author of the platform!
You will have the opportunity to receive commissions from various companies!
You will have the opportunity to participate in future CFun offline activities!
In addition there are more surprises!
Constantly improved CFun
Seiyuu, animation, ACG songs, illustrations, scripts, novels, games, etc. CFun platform will contact creators and fans from all over the world!
Going to the world
CFun will start with China and Japan and then move toward South Korea and Singapore. In the future, it will continue to expand to the world. In addition to the four Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean languages ​​that you can use on CFun, there will be more languages ​​in the platform.
Creator x Creator = Unlimited Potential
At CFun, users from all over the world will have the opportunity to work together to complete the creation of new works.
For example, an original work created by a foreign user is translated into Japanese by other users, and the manuscript author completes the creation of a cartoon. In addition to this, perhaps one day, the novel you create will be composed by other users for the theme song, and then the lyrics will be translated into various languages.
In this process of assisting creation, every person involved in the creative process will be recorded on the blockchain. When the work generates value, every user who participates in the creative process will receive corresponding rewards.
CFun has worked hard to build a pleasant social platform for creation.
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